Q&A: Why do all zombie films have this same inconsistency?

Question by Adam: Why do all zombie films have this same inconsistency?
How is it that when a person gets “got” by the zombies, they all crowd round and eat him/her, yet when that person turns and becomes a zombie, he/she only has a few scratches or a limb missing?
If zombies eat their quarry, how do they turn them?

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Answer by Bob
They only eat their brains.

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3 Responses to Q&A: Why do all zombie films have this same inconsistency?

  1. citizen six says:

    Well to put it in the most basic terms, people like to see guys blowing up brainless bad-guys with guns, so that there is no human face to make the viewer feel bad about what is happening.
    So as long as the audience gets the big guns and the action they want, they won’t really pay attention to the details, and directors and producers alike know this.

  2. Mike.. says:

    Lol erm… That’s a good point… Maybe they are all just having a quick nibble rather than a 3 course meal?

  3. Call Me Ty says:

    it depends on what film you watch. as a zombie lover myself i also noticed this yet in certain films the zombies dont all eat the person at once. reguardless , the person still turns into a zombie because their spinal column and brain is still intact, which allows for zombification. lol. and to the dude above me. NO THEY DIDNT EAT HIS BRAIN. LOL THATS ONLY OLD ZOMBIES DUDE, IN THE FIRST MOVIES..

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