Q&A: Where do you get guns in black ops zombie mode?

Question by Jesee: Where do you get guns in black ops zombie mode?
Were do you get the l96 in nazi zombies and the ray gun?

Best answer:

Answer by Cody Zimmerman
The gun box.

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3 Responses to Q&A: Where do you get guns in black ops zombie mode?

  1. Finlay For Eva says:

    They are both in the mystery box, which costs 950 points to open. Upon opening, you get a random weapon. You can determine the location of the box by looking in the sky for a blue light, which highlights it’s location.

  2. C_Will103 says:

    Both come in the mystery box. Where it is is always random, so find it by looking into the sky fr a blue light. When you find it it cost 950 points to open and theres no guarentee on which weapons you’ll get.

  3. Ali says:

    In the mystery box.

    You’ll find it, it has question marks on it.

    You’ll most likely hog it but be careful, if you’re too distracted, it might kill you. It takes a long time for it to randomly pick a weapon for you so do it when there are no zombies around. A good way is making a crawler, basically throwing a grenade in front of a zombie thus making it’s legs disappear and fall to the ground. It will crawl making it slow so you have enough time. Do it at the end of the round. Sorry if this isn’t a part of your question, just explaining.

    It costs 950 points so kill them zombies by looping if you don’t have enough points… It basically means when zombies run up at you and you run around in a circle rounding them up then shooting them in the head.

    It’s a mystery box so you’ll get literally anything. Even the teddy bear. If you get the teddy bear, Samantha, the antagonist which you cannot kill (Maybe) will giggle and make the box disappear. It will spawn somewhere else which you have to find. You see a bunch of boxes with a teddy on top? That’s a box spawn.

    Oh, by the way here are more tips:

    If you have a friend with you, tell him that you’re going to go on the box and your friend will have to cover you by killing the zombies so you won’t get killed while waiting for the box.

    Be careful of Fire Sale. It lowers the price of the box and making everyone hog it, killing them!

    If you have a good eye, you’ll find the box.

    Watch you’re back…

    Sorry it’s long I thought you needed an explanation so yeah.

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