Q&A: What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?

Question by coco: What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?
What’s your plan?

911 won’t answer and the goverment is gone or the few left have escaped to some secret location. This might kill the entire species on earth. Zombies have taken over,

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Answer by Rubber Soul
Collect as much ammunition, gasoline, and food as I can and drive till I find some vantage area.

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5 Responses to Q&A: What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?

  1. Bongripper says:


  2. Pasq says:

    Like they say, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

  3. Lord ?hanos says:

    I have had a plan since my father let me watch Dawn of the Dead (the original film of course)

    1. you have to act quicker than everyone else … as soon as word is spread that a zombie apocalypse is upon us, people will start to freak but not how you see it in the movies … I like to think that the human race is a bit smarter than the morons who we see on the big screen …. everyone will be going for guns … you notice how the guns are always left when zombies take over … that would so not happen … like I said … everyone will go for the guns which brings me to my next plan

    2. arm myself to the bone … not just with guns but with silent weapons as well such as arrows and a bow … I would take knives and tools … not anything to heavy but tools to break locks and chains in case you might need to get into a safe place that is locked up …. 2 way radios …. batteries …. flashlights …. matches …. lighters …. lighter fluid …. military boots …. etc … of course you will need to transport yourself and your supplies which brings me to the next plan

    3. this should be the first thing to do so don’t mind that it’s listed as plan 3 … get yourself a vehicle … again I think that people will try to get vehicles so make sure you get yours first and make sure it is a large vehicle .. a van or a hummer with lots of storage … if possible a uhaul truck and I’ll get to my reason for needing a big vehicle in plan 4 …. since a zombie outbreak would likely start with some sort of illness before the all out walking dead appear, you would have days or even weeks, before it’s all gone, to store fuel for at least a week of traveling (a week consists of driving 7 days a week for 24 hours in 2 shifts) so I’d say to get started early in storing the fuel … now to plan 4

    4. food and water is essential but you have to think about this … prepared food has an expiration date so without a way to store things properly, you can’t have a lot of meats or things that can spoil … soooo …. SEEDS … yes SEEDS are key to your survival … this may come to a surprise but you may, in the wake of a zombie outbreak, have to become a vegan since meat will be very scarce … you get as much of a variety of seeds as you can …. water is also key to your survival but water will not always be clean so a filter and water cleaning tablets are key …. get what you can to survive on for the time being such as sugar based goods and snacks

    5. get as much medical supplies as you can …. at all cost you must get medical supplies

    6. those who want to survive will survive at all cost and those who want to die will do just that … you must put all emotions aside when deciding who will be your companions … you don’t have time to pick up all the family members so you have a choice to make … you take who is with you at the time and that’s final

    you and your companion or companions load the truck with all the things mentioned and you travel as far north as you can manage to go with the fuel you have … there is more but I listed the basics … good luck … the day is coming .:)

    oh yea … the most important thing of all …. this is a life or death thing so don’t forget … DO NOT LEAVE WITH OUT YOUR DOG!!!!!! … I would leave my father before I leave my dog … peace!!

  4. Judge says:

    probably make some pancakes with Maple syrup, pour myself a pint of home brew beer, and settle down to watch some episodes of the original Star Trek series.

  5. cobra says:

    Good question. I live in the UK and in a mobile home (trailer) so I would not feel very safe with such thin walls, so I would stock up on food and water and batteries and big knives and head for my parents place which is down a quiet lane and hopefully off the zombie radar. They also have an attic to hide out in. We would kit out the attic for emergency occupation ( bedding, supplies, toilet bucket and candles, books and puzzles – don’t forget the boredom factor) and stay down as long as is possible – hide lights and any indication of life. Chuck bleach around to hide the smell of living flesh. That kind of thing. We have no guns, being British, so just kitchen weaponry. And of course a suicide/killing – plan – no one is eating my Mum and Dad

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