Q&A: What level did i really get to in black ops zombies?

Question by mucha_kejrsg experto: What level did i really get to in black ops zombies?
So I was playing zombies with another one of my friends and he fell asleep at round 10 so i had to carry all the way till round 34 before I realized it was ridiculous killing 2x the zombies. I killed my self and had around 3000 kills. I am curious, What level would i be on if i had these many kills in solo?

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Answer by Alex
I just watched a YouTube video where two people got to round 37 on Ascension, and they didn’t even have 3000 kills combined, so there’s no way you could have got 3000 kills just by yourself on that low of a round. There’s a chart that tells you how many are in each round in solo. All you have to do is add them up until you reach 3000. So I did, and figured that you would kill your 3000th zombie on round 41.

As a side note, the number of zombies per round is the same on every map.

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