Q&A: What is the way that a zombie outbreak could occur?

Question by : What is the way that a zombie outbreak could occur?
What is the best chance of a zombie outbreak? a desease from a weird plant? a powerplant explosion? Space weird alien stuff?
and if there minds are erased then they would be JUST like a baby! looking for something to eat! finding the closest thing! not knowing right from wrong!

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Answer by Gurren Lagann
mutated rabies strain
sattelite crashin on earth with radioactive material
demons from hell

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3 Responses to Q&A: What is the way that a zombie outbreak could occur?

  1. rayven says:

    The only way for a zombie attack to occur is in front of a movie camera.

    Other than that, zombies are purely fictional and simply cannot happen in real life. There are, however, certain plants that have sedative and memory-erasing functions that can make people wander around and generally not act for themselves – and they are called zombies.

  2. Mothball says:

    Brain parasites, neurotoxins, mad cow disease, reanimation of dead brain tissue, or tiny robots that crawl inside people’s brains and take it over. Hope I helped!!!

  3. MagnusMoss says:

    Ever had a baby try to eat you? Me neither.

    And if you really erased the mind and higher functions of an adult, expect them to F*** anything that moves. Somehow “28 days later” stories forget that is as basic a human desire as hunger.

    Anyway, best chance for a “28 days later” style zombie outbreak is mutant rabies strain (rabies is the closest thing to zombie virus in the real world) Alternatively, you could have a more contagious “Mad Cow disease” variant, bio weapon, or mutant West Nile virus variant. (West Nile causes brain swelling and spread by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are a great vector).

    The “walking dead” zombie outbreak could only happen if someone with MUCH more advanced technology then we have today went out of their way to make something that behaved like something out of a horror movie (possibly to inspire fear). Would require nanomachines or genetically altered fungus. (Viruses can’t infect dead cells, people forget that).
    Personally, I like blatantly supernatural zombie explanations.

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