Q&A: What is the greatest zombie movie ever?

Question by : What is the greatest zombie movie ever?
Let’s talk about some zombies!!! I love them so much!! Love every movie, book, video game, thought, or dream I experience that involves zombies. So what zombie movies do you suggest for me?

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Answer by Kakarot
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9 Responses to Q&A: What is the greatest zombie movie ever?

  1. Cj says:

    Zombie land is very funny and gory Probably the best iv ever seen

  2. . says:

    My dad when he wakes up..


  3. Tanya says:

    My favourite will always be 28 Days Later. Its an interesting and different take on the whole thing.

  4. Tatyana says:


  5. Joseph G says:

    The Original: The night of the Living Dead!

  6. jackalopemounty says:

    29 days later takes a really cool view of the situation in a pretty real way. It’s well-directed, well acted, with good action and a fresh story.

  7. Gemi Dvorzhetskii says:

    Dawn of the Dead (remake) 2004
    Night of the Living Dead (original)
    28 Days Later

  8. ? says:

    Shaun of the Dead

  9. Rami says:

    I’ve watched every single zombie movie you could think of an I would say dawn of the dead remake, I just love how it takes place in a mall. If this question included tv shows I would say the walking dead, that’s better than any zombie movie out there.

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