Q&A: What if a vampire drinks the blood of a zombie?

Question by Antoine, Former King of the Vampires: What if a vampire drinks the blood of a zombie?
If a vampire drinks the blood of a zombie, will there be adverse effects? I ask for myself, as I am a vampire and have captured a freshly turned zombie. Can I feed on the blood of this creature?

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Answer by Tony M
haha,ye you will become a vambie wooooo

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7 Responses to Q&A: What if a vampire drinks the blood of a zombie?

  1. smokehillfarm says:

    Zombies can’t have any blood that is drinkable, since they’re dead. Once the blood stops flowing, it quickly coagulates and turns into a solid clot.

    Just sell your zombie to a zoo.

  2. wiafgirl says:

    Why would you think of this? When you can not think to love a werewolf? Loving a werewolf is so much more acceptable. Also, the heart needs to be pumping to keep blood fresh and tasting nice. I suppose you could, but it would be like eating spoiled meat.

  3. MusicBaby? says:

    zombies dont have any blood.

  4. puppy says:

    hm drink and see what happens
    it will be interesting to see if it causes pain or not

  5. mary_keetch says:

    It wouldn’t. Vampires only drink the blood of the living. A zombie is dead.

  6. Maybaby says:

    Lol, I have wondered the same question but that depends what vampire/zombie literature hype whatever you are believing… remember in some vampires command the zombies.

  7. Lord Bearclaw of Gryphon Woods says:

    1. You are not a vampire.
    2. Vampires and zombies do not exist.
    3. A “classic” Romero zombie would not have any useable blood, as it would pool in the feet, legs, and buttocks, quickly cooling and coagulating.
    4. A “classic” Romero zombie would have at best, three days to a week and a half before it decayed past the point of viable ambulation.

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