Q&A: What does it take to make a good zombie survival game? What are some features that gamers would enjoy?

Question by : What does it take to make a good zombie survival game? What are some features that gamers would enjoy?
Me and my friends are creating a zombie video game. Useful tips are needed. What would the gamers like to see in a zombie survival game? All suggestions are welcome.

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The ability to customize your character, game play close to that of Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row, survival oriented in where you need to find food and water to survive. Makeshift weapons, and somewhat scarce ammunition for what guns you would find. The ability to barricade your own safe house, and possibly find other NPC survivors, or even real players if the game would be online. Making it real time, so things can still happen when you’re not playing, similar to games like Animal Crossing. Things like that.

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  1. Hunter T says:

    Well, in order to answer your question, I need to know how involved you plan on getting with this video game. Will you be coding it in Flash, Java, or C++? Will incorporate common physics and render 3-D models? Will there be 3-D weapons and items? 2D and 3D i think should incorporate different elements, such as intent detail to the 3D models. Think about levels. How many, how much detail. What triggers will you have for events such as a zombie pack running at said player. It all depends on how much you want to put into the game.Also, all good games need good art and a good backdrop… ESPECIALLY 2D games. But i would like to have incorporated a good story line, badass music, a knife triggered by a hotkey like most FPS games. A good choice of weapons. Also, a good layout of maps.

    P.S. I agree with the guy above me.

  2. Mr.Movie says:

    Well, I see you are thinking big, but to be honest all my big ideas never worked. But I will help you.
    Okay so all gamers LOVE a challenge. So include difficulty… And include a variety of weapons… Make some weapons funny like a 2 by 4 or something. Also make it have limited space in the first “zone” and when you reach a certain area “free roam” or something. The first “zone” should be pretty small and have only a couple weapons around. Then make a next zone. Then another. Then maybe one more. Then free roam. Also make different game types. Like survival (A match where you try unlimited amounts of zombies.) Also a game type like All for themsleves (Where 2 players or more compete to see who would live longer.) Or something! Also, make it have something when your done. For example: You just survived x Word insert here x and now your done. NO! There should be something fun! Not just free roam but something ENTERTAINING! I hope this information helped, and hope it turns out fabulous… Happy game creating!

  3. forgotten_hopes20 says:

    Remember that zombies will not be the only thing you’ll have to survive. You still have all the normal things like you need food, water, gotta stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer, most importantly you gotta watch out for the crazy people. All that needs to be considered for zombie survival. Starvation, dehidration, a cold, any of that can kill you.

  4. Ben says:

    First you’d have to make it a role playing game and make hader levels for better player
    It mainly depends on what your console or watever your making it for(i’ll asume its a pc game)

    The ability to play with other player
    a game were you dont need to download any huge files to play
    blood and gore effects
    guns ,a hell of alot of guns

    Different maps
    missions and extra challenges for extra points and stuff
    a different amount of exp needed to lvl up for your player

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