Q&A: What does it mean to dream with zombies?

Question by Christy: What does it mean to dream with zombies?
At first I was in this school where it was very strict and u weren’t allowed to leave and kids from other schools came to visiit and I was. Able to leave. They said there were zombies so there weren’t that many places you could hide, but I found a rv. There was these 2 guys that was stranded and it was dark, zombies only come in the dark. I was able to help them. The next dayyy a girlll frriend of the guuys cameee tooo. But one day it got really night and we were driving the rv the guys were trying to get in but the girll got bit my the zombie. She didn’t turn into the zombie the next day. She was trying to take one of the guys, like an obbsesion, I ended up kicking of th rv. The next morning she wass there but not in zombie form so I was gonna fight her or kill her so that she won’t become a zombie. Soo I did and she ended up on the ground and then I woke uppp. I wass asleeep for a long time.

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Answer by IntuitiveImpressions
Zombies are very popular in movies, video games and on tv, so they pop up often in people’s dreams. As a dream symbol, zombies can symbolize people who are cold and calloused and very competitive.

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  1. Rob the Baptist says:

    Recurring dreams have meaning….Death dreams may symbolize a person’s need for a spiritual awakening, Eph. 2:5. Dreaming of evil creatures may also be caused by demonic influences.Let me ask you if you are a Christian?… then do you know that Angels talk to us in our sleep which is when we are at our weakest the worst is that’s when demons love to attack our minds.The only hope for you to overcome these “nightmares”is with the Angelical powers Jesus gives us over the evil of earth.That is why Christians pray before sleep,learn Spiritual Warfare and bind evil powers in the name of Jesus and pray to know what the message is.Go to demonbuster.com,I guarantee your nightmares will go away.God Bless

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