Q&A: What are some good strategies against a zombie deck?

Question by Crow H: What are some good strategies against a zombie deck?
My friend runs a zombie world deck. Any strategies? Also, he is going to use a dino one. Any good ideas?

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Answer by pikapika212
A stall deck
royal opression
macro cosmo
vanity ruler
vanity fiend
skill drain

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3 Responses to Q&A: What are some good strategies against a zombie deck?

  1. Kokutou says:

    Macro/Dimensional fissure/banisher
    Royal opression
    NecroValley/ Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

  2. MrJ says:

    Make a side deck, and put these cards in whenever you duel him:
    Royal Oppression
    Macro Cosmos
    Dimensional Fissure
    Banisher of the Radiance
    Skill Drain
    Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
    Dark Bribe (stop Zombie World from activating)
    Also, add a couple of Ancient Fairy Dragon into your extra deck. Then, you’ll be able to destroy his Zombie World and gain 1000 life points whenever he brings it out. For the Dino deck, I really don’t know what you should put in. Dino decks aren’t competitive at all (Zombie World decks aren’t competitive, either, by the way), so if you build your own deck right while not trying to counter your opponent, you’ll be fine. I hope this helps!

  3. TSX says:

    anything that removes from play monsters. Zombies are only good namely because they can special summon using g zombie and mezuki and plaugespeader. wich allows them to sync out many times in one duel. as long as you can stop the special summoning you’re good.

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