Q&A: List of things you would bring if there was a zombie attack?

Question by Clockwork_Changes: List of things you would bring if there was a zombie attack?
What would you do and bring if there was a zombie attack… Doesn’t matter what kinda class of zombie attack just in general

Best answer:

Answer by Laissez-Faire Guy
Guns and lots of ammo. A good aluminum bat too. Everyone knows that only severe brain trauma, like a bullet in the head or good bashing of the skull, can put down a zombie down once and for all.

Of course you have to hope they are the slow moving zombies. If they are the fast moving kind, all you can really do is find a good hiding place with only 1 entrance that you can block off, and then wait it out.

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12 Responses to Q&A: List of things you would bring if there was a zombie attack?

  1. Rawbert says:

    An M1A1 Abrams Main Battle tank and all the ammo, food, and water it could carry (and my girlfriend so I wouldn’t be lonely). Run as many zombies over that I could, then shot the rest.

  2. camoflauged_fox says:

    Haha… That’s kindof stupid, but… for the sake of answering;

    1 XM-8, lots of Ammo.
    1 Knife
    1 Pair of Combat boots
    My Marine training (when I get it)
    My kick-butt friends
    And a shovel.


    50 Caliber, lots of ammo
    15 Grenades
    A tank maybe…
    A jeep, with a machine gun mounted on top.

  3. TxTopCop says:

    You imbecile…. quit smoking that crap, turn off the VCR and go get a job….

    Next thing is, you’ll be worried about the aliens from mars…

  4. craftgirl_2005 says:

    I`d contact Mystery Inc, fred,daphne,velma shaggy&scooby doo.

  5. Marmar says:

    Guns and ammo of course
    Zombie Repellent
    Some awesome really tough combat boots and leather jacket
    A motorcycle
    Some more guns
    Back up Ammo
    Zombie Proof Armour
    And a really really really good hiding place.

    Oh, and of course…

    Chuck Norris.

  6. LAVADOG_1/3 says:

    I would bring all my friends and a bat..When the zombies near me I would feed them my friends and if they tried to run I would whack them and then hand feed them to the zombies.

  7. Andrew B says:

    12- guage pistol grip Mausburg
    .45 Colt m1911
    Full body suit and mask so i dont get infected
    Flashlight extra Battries
    And a Big Ass Money Bag

  8. Jimmy says:

    It really would depend on the kind of zombie… are they fast ‘zombies,’ like the ones in 28 Days Later and Dawn of the Dead?

    Or are they the slow ones, like in basically every other zombie movie?

    Also, how smart are the zombies?

    If they were slow zombies, I probably would need less ammo. I’d either keep moving from place to place or bunker down somewhere. You could probably travel light and find supplies from place to place.

    If the zombies were fast or smart, then I’d have to up the game by a bit

    In that case, I’d bring:

    -medical supplies, including disinfectant
    -thermal blanket
    -weapons and ammo
    -melee weapon (a katana or fireaxe would be pretty useful)
    -bowie knife or combat knife
    -sewing kit
    -paper and pens (to make notes, keep a journal, etc.)
    -backpack and sacks to carry stuff in
    -charcoal (acts as natural insect repellent and could throw off any zombie dogs/animals)
    -electrical wiring (if I needed to bypass some electronics or hotwire a car)
    -a watch/watches (preferably solar powered)
    -a compass
    -any maps of the areas that I’m traveling through

    I probably left some things out, which I’ll edit in later.

  9. pred178 says:

    1 Cobra attack helicopter and ship stationed offshore so i can refuel and plan future attacks
    1 M4 with acog scope and lots of ammo
    1 samurai sword just in case the helo crashes and i run out of ammo
    1 hf radio so i can try and contact any survivors

  10. Smoker06 says:


    ; )

  11. allen a says:

    harry reed,nancy pelosi and ted kennedy……they should scare the sh*it out of the zombies.

  12. cash818385 says:

    Running Shoes… I’ll be damned if they’ll catch me and lots of Red Bull and Gatorade

    But if they were fast paced zombies and the world was being over runned, I would turn into McGuyver and build Nuke and take out everything… EVERYTHING!!!!!!

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