Q&A: I want to be a Zombie for Halloween, but I want to do something different?

Question by Magic 8 Ball Lost in Paradise: I want to be a Zombie for Halloween, but I want to do something different?
So I have my normal Zombie stuff saved for the Zombie Apocolypse and I don’t want to tip off everyone as to what my costume looks like because they will recognize me in my costume when they are Zombies. What should I do to look like a different Zombie for Halloween?

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Answer by xo-nika-ox
pick a memorable and famous person (michael jackson, elvis, marilyn monroe, hannah montana) and dress as them, but in zombie form 😉

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10 Responses to Q&A: I want to be a Zombie for Halloween, but I want to do something different?

  1. Mayb i can help or u can help me says:

    Try to make yourself look more like someone you know than yourself and act like them around friends too

  2. ljb9000 says:

    be a zombie thats wearing a pink jacket

    it always fools everybody

  3. Šmû?f¡n around with ?énñ?n says:

    If you wanna be really original, you should saw a knife or something halfway through your skull.
    It’ll be a bit painful at first, but the blood will be authentic.


  4. Tyler says:

    be a zombie version of your favorite celebrity

  5. TRIXIE is Trixilicious says:

    simplify this..

    you be Hate Machine and i’ll be Joey.

    wait a minute.. did i just shoot myself in the foot..

    *Hi Guy.. you and i are going to go as the FREAKING NOTHING store and the SHOPPER.. i am still LMAO!!
    *edit.. who gets to be the store? i say wrestling match or coin toss? perhaps a shopping cart.. i don’t know.. it’s a toss up.

  6. GUY bein a GUY says:

    Does a zombie 8 Ball ooze blue liquid?

    Blue IS nature’s way of saying don’t drink it.

  7. Eddie Cacciatore, Private Eye says:

    It is very important to have a Zombie Disguise for the Apocalypse so that real zombies don’t eat you.

    However, it’s also important to win Best Costume at Sam’s Bar and Grill Halloween Ball — first prize free dinner for two and all the house liquor you can drink that night.

    I do think you need to wear the Apocalypse costume on the 31st and hope that the future zombies of the world don’t check out Sam’s Facebook page at the End of Time.

  8. Silverillo says:

    Nice… a Zombie disguise.
    Anyways: wear contact lenses, lots of cream makeup, and ripped and torn clothing with scrapes and scratches. Just wear something else, other than your “Zombie Apocalypse Clothes”.

  9. HILF says:

    the knife sticking out of you is a good suggestion.

    But replace knife with Hammer and you’ll win Best Costume…

  10. AnswerDude says:

    Will there be a costume contest for Halloween on the beaches of Phu Quoc? If there is I AM THERE!

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