Q&A: How would shooting a zombie to the head kill it?

Question by : How would shooting a zombie to the head kill it?
It’s just like saying you are killing a dead body *not in zombie form*. You can’t because it is dead. Zombies wont die for they died once, and practically still are dead, but just moving for some odd reason, they are not alive. No matter what you do to a zombie, it will not die. The most you can do is stop it from moving *burning it down*

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Answer by Rawr!
Doesn’t the brain still control their movements?

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  1. Eric says:

    Well, it depends on the type of zombie. Traditional zombies couldn’t be killed from a headshot; they’re reanimated corpses driven by magic or voodoo or something similar. Modern zombies, however, are dead people brought back to life, so, once again it’s a living organism. It’s controlled by the infected brain, not magic, so destroying the brain would kill the zombie.

  2. showerthing says:

    well, acording to the zombie survival guide, and the Zombie Reaseach Society, thell most likely eather be rotted soewhat, to a jelly like state where bullets would just pass though and they’d ignor pain or (acording to max brooks) solonun creates a new organ out of the brain, wich is self sufficient.

  3. Alimas says:

    “still are dead, but just moving for some odd reason”

    Since the base concept of zombies doesn’t make any scientific sense, we’re allowed to go ahead and just postulate any kind of craziness. Maybe there’s a kind of life form, bacteria, etc, that reanimates the brain and to some extent the body and makes it a blood thirsty killer as a consequence? Maybe there’s a machine implanted in the brain? Perhaps miniature unicorn aliens from another galaxy setup shop in the brain and are animating it magically as a competitive sport that is watched on their native planet?

    The reason the head is classically chosen for destruction in zombies probably has a lot to do with the emotional effect the concept can have on people. The idea that the place we know where our personalities, really ourselves exist, which is in the head and not the body, is being hollowed out and replaced by a killing void and defenders against zombies can only win by destroying where the original personality once was. This substantially increases the dramatic impact of zombies as an opponent in literature and media.
    It would be far less meaningful if the method to destroy them was to take out a hand, stub one of their toes or even just cut open their abdomen.

    Really, this isn’t new as of zombies. Back before our modern medicines it was often believed that a person’s awareness, emotions, etc. resided inside the heart, since vampire myths were common in those days, how do you think you killed a vampire? Stake in the heart.

  4. Atheist Goat says:

    well medically zombies don’t make any sense, so we can say what we want

  5. The Doctor says:

    well, zombie’s bodies are rotting, yet their brain still controls a large chunk of motor functions and instincts. The thing is, True, a zombie can survive (in its own terms) a massive amount of brain loss. and according to research conducted by the FVZA, a severed spinal cord of a zombie CAN repair within 24 hours. Which means, that the only way to stop a zombie is to completely sever the head from the body. considering how their flesh is already rotting, flame would not do a lot of damage, because its not exactly flameable. most zombies only live a year or so anyway. stage 3 zombies are usually falling apart and have few teeth or facial features. yet they can still grip on and transmit the virus. a burning zombie would just be a bit scarier

  6. BigBangBilly says:

    The magical ones have limbs and mouth that is controlled by magic thus bypassing the brain

    The virus attack certain parts of the brain rendering the person a zombie through brain control
    So destroying the brain should destroy the “control” panel for the virus

  7. mike says:

    well zombies are not dead . They r “undead” . Most of the time its some sort of parasite or virus that kills the person, then uses the brain to controll the nervesystem and move the body. It normally is not a perfect parasite or virus, so it lets out a moan . If you shoot it in the head, u will most likely hit the brain. Damage the brain, it will no longer be able to function and will no longer move.

  8. the master says:

    unicorn aliens , oh that was a good one , and a tv zomibe sport , lol!!! clossed minds can only be redeemed by a good imagination …

    but its simple , a zombie cannot die , because it is already dead , no matter what you do to it , it will never die , unless you completely destroy it or something , fire being what people seem to like , the reason why the head is attacked is because the brain controls the motor functions , the spine does reflexes but zombies arn’t exactly known for those … so the head shoot should perminantly disable one in theory , although it would still techically be “alive” as one could put it , it wont move or bite most importantly …

    if it is some kind of live virus thing made up in a lab , or “fast zombies” as people nick name the things then yes that would kill it , save for afew involintary reflexes …

    but the thing with burning being in theory sure it would garrenty destroying the zombie as a vessel for infection but flames take crutail time to destroy the body and the flaming mass will only temporerally be slowed down , and ther is still the possibilty of the thing biting you , and possibly setting you alight too’ .

    all in all the flaming zombie isn’t thee most pleasent of thoughts in close proximity but the best killer of zombies shot guns and flame throws aside is time . that no matter what ether the thing will ever starve to death or completely rot away , being that after a significant amount of time een if the corpse is animated by magic or voodoo as one user boldly stated , eventually after the flesh becomes oily and black it losses its soilidity and if expossed to air and being moved and constanty josseled around like a zombie would be eventually the bateria with in the creatures own gut will digest it from the inside out , meaning that the zombie will in effect root , then melt away into a puddle of yellowish brown goo’ with bones jutting out …

    time is the best killer of zombies … unless this said goo’ where to then self animate and leave the clean dry bones to self seek , infiltrate water and food slupplies and flat out fly into the mouths of its victims thus rending them now hosts for the disease … perhapps then a fresh dose of unicorn aliens would survice in this iradiction , or just a simple vacume cleaner …

    ethier way the human bodie is no battle tank , damge done is damage done … dead or alive …

  9. Girl Raphael says:

    you’d get rid of the slave race then

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