Q&A: How is a zombie plauge started how does half of the population turn into zombies?

Question by SistaSista: How is a zombie plauge started how does half of the population turn into zombies?
I am writing a zombie book i got it all together, but I dont know how evry one in this samll town turns into a zombie , diseases or something

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Answer by The Snake
There is no such thing as a zombie except for a drink that is called a zombie.

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  1. Jester868 says:

    Check my explanation in your previous question. Its a disease called Solanum which has the ability to spread easily and through panic can infect a population in a matter of hours. People are not experienced to handle such a situation and because of this the disease will spread.

  2. cannibal one says:

    you could write that a factory was making unknown chemicals for the government.there is a accident.the cloud of chemicals goes into the air,and changes a lot of people,,byeeeeeeeeeee

  3. Carlos B. says:

    Well, Ground Zero of the infection would most likely be some outback location in the middle of nowhere. A small town or an uninhabited area in its vicinity. The more we look at zombie culture, the more likely becomes that it will have happened accidentally, rather than manufactured in a lab. In this day and age, when viruses find an ideal setting to mutate in, everything can happen(despite what skeptics believe), it’s just a question of when, and ideal circumstances. There are several articles online that can go into biological detail, down to brain structure and chemistry, explaining this better than anyone off the top of their heads.

    The best explanation I can give of how it would spread is by comparing it to a case of rabies. The virus infects the host, the host develops the symptoms induced by the virus’ directive to spread, including aggressiveness that leads to attacks on surrounding people/animals who could potentially propagate the virus further. These attacks involve bites, scratches, anything that involves transfer of bodily fluids or tissue laden with the virus.

    When you break it down, really – it’d spread like any other viral disease we’ve ever known, with a typically short incubation time – only difference would be the gruesome and overwhelming outcome.
    As opposed to rabies itself, it would be impossible to contain. Humans live in close proximity in urban areas, and they’re not like small lightweight and meaningless species of pack rats or foxes, that can be exterminated easily at first sign of trouble :p Other than that, panic, an exodus and riots would just aid the outbreak.

    In non conventional fiction, the zombie virus, besides direct transfer, could spread across different species, or through water supplies. Never airborne though, as that would be overkill, even with existing viruses today. And above all else, it’s been known that virologists believe that an airborne mutation of a virus is extremely costly and complex to achieve.

  4. Michael says:

    well it can be started any way you like since it is fictional. actual plagues can, if left unchecked, spread exponentially. you start with patient zero, the progenitor the first documented case, that zombie bites one person you now have 2 zombies, that is one generation, 2 then becomes 4, that is a generation number 2.
    if you do the math on that you are up to around 4 billion in less than 30 generations. it is possible for these things to go unnoticed (when it comes to real world diseases) because that is the nature of an exponential growth curve, it starts small, and after 10 generations the total number is only about 1,000. not enough to cause a massive concern. but then you get to the elbow (if you plot it on a graph it looks like an elbow) where you suddenly find yourself doubling very large numbers.

  5. goldenkhalil says:

    Everyone DOESNOT turn into zombies. There are several different ways people turn into zombies. The MAIN way is to be biten and then die. Afterwhich you are reanimated and are undead with a craving for LIVING human flesh!

    At the beginning of the “plague” more will simply be eaten and will never get the chance to become zombies. After the plague grows and people are running everywhere is when MOST zombies will be created. Because once a zombie starts eating a person it WONT stop UNNNLESSSS that victim dies and another LIVING human gets its attention and THEN it will disgard the NONliving body and go after the living breathing MOVING human.

    also, IF the previous victim still has a brain intact it WILL reanimate and go looking for victims of its own. BUT if the brain has been damaged then it will simply be dead.

    THats how so many zombies are created because they are being distracted by other possible victims.

    Later when there are less and less humans running around there will be LESS zombies being created because the zombies WILL have more time to eat the victim at hand or teeth lol

  6. Lynx says:

    One person through bio hazard, plague, government experiment, alien interference or whatever gets infected. That person infects another. Now there are 2 those 2 infect 2 more to make 4; keep going and in only 6 cycles it is above 100. Since early on no one knows or realizes what the infected actually are it spreads faster. Later after population stabilizes is when most stories concentrate, that way there are only a few normal people left.

    I’d like to see a movie or story that actually addresses the panic and having all services (water, gas, electric, hospitals) shutting down. Hurricane Katrina was just a small area of the USA and look at how that went. To see it for the whole country would be really interesting.

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