Q&A: How do you say zombie in different languages??

Question by LillyM: How do you say zombie in different languages??
How do you say zombie in other languages?

Best answer:

Answer by Marcos R
Arabic: ?????? ????? ????????? ?????? ????????
Chinese (Simplified): ??
Chinese (Traditional): ??
Czech: trouba
Danish: zombie; en levende død
Dutch: levend lijk
Estonian: zombi
Finnish: idiootti, horteessa kulkija
French: imbécile
German: das Zombie
Greek: ???????? ?????????????
Hungarian: unalmas ember, tök
Icelandic: sombí, uppvakningur, dauðyfli
Indonesian: mayat hidup, orang bebal
Italian: (scimunito)
Japanese: ???
Korean: ???
Latvian: aitasgalva
Lithuanian: bukagalvis, stuobrys
Norwegian: dorsk, *undermåls person
Polish: tuman
Portuguese (Brazil): zumbi
Portuguese (Portugal): palerma
Romanian: imbecil
Russian: ?????
Slovak: hlupák, trúba
Slovenian: klada
Spanish: zombi
Swedish: zombie
Turkish: canl? cenaze

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2 Responses to Q&A: How do you say zombie in different languages??

  1. wize woman says:

    the above answer is incorrect in the Slavic languages and in French, in other languages I do not know, but what I see in the sources, in most languages it is close to “Zombie”.

  2. Erik Van Thienen says:

    Bulgarian : ?????
    Catalan : Zombi
    Czech : Zombie
    Danish : Zombie
    Dutch : “zombie”
    Esperano : Zombio
    Estonian : Zombie
    Farsi : ?????
    French : Zombi
    Hebrew : ?????
    Irish Gaelic : Zombaí
    Indonesian : Zombie
    Italian : Zombi
    Korean : ??
    Latin : Cadaver animatum
    Hungarian : Zombi
    Japanese : ???
    Norwegian (bokmål)? : Zombie
    Uzbek : Zombi
    Polish : Zombie
    Portuguese : Zumbi
    Serbian : ?????
    Finnish : Zombi
    Swedish : Zombie
    Thai : ??????
    Turkish : Zombi
    Mandarin Chinese : ??


    Finnish: zombi, zombie
    German: Zombie m.
    Greek: ????? n. (zómpi)
    Icelandic: uppvakningur m.
    Lithuanian: zombis m.
    Russian: ????? m. (zombi)
    Spanish: zombi m. and f.

    Wiktionary : http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/zombie#Translations

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