Q&A: How do you kill a zombie!?.?

Question by Sarah: How do you kill a zombie!?.?
HELPPPP!!! how do u kill a zombie??

Best answer:

Answer by c?ss??s?
By removing the head or destroying the brain.

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4 Responses to Q&A: How do you kill a zombie!?.?

  1. John says:

    Blow it’s brains out!

  2. ChubbyD says:

    Lots of loving hugs!

  3. Mudoogul says:

    Zombies are already dead.

  4. Joseppi says:

    Zombies are an effect of some sort of remaining activity in the brain. Neurons are still firing off occasionally and the most primitive area of the brain aka the brainstem or reptilian brain is reanimated giving the zombie animalistic instincts. By destroying the brainstem you destroy the zombies ability to do anything. Cheers!

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