Q&A: How do I make people look like zombies?

Question by AMA: How do I make people look like zombies?
I have to do a movie project for school. I have the screen play and storyboard completed. At the end people turn into zombies. My vision is pale white make up with dark brown/black eyes with blood coming out of their mouths and some on their clothes. I don’t want everyone looking the same so, any ideas or suggestions how else I can make people look like zombies?
*masks isn’t an option because of expenses*

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Answer by R W
If you want authenticity, the best way to do it would be to find some dead bodies (preferably already buried but not too decomposed), then resurrect them using voodoo magic you procure on the back streets of New Orleans.

However, there could be some ethical and legal problems with doing it this way.

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  1. Lava says:

    Instead of white makeup for a base, try lavender or very pale blue. Giving the skin a purple or blue cast rather than white will make someone look more dead than vampire like, especially on darker skin. A sour, almost yellowish grey or brown around the eyes will make them look sunken but more realistic than a blackish grey or blackish brown. Use blue, purple, or grey eyeliner to lightly trace veins on the skin before using the base, to get a translucent look, or make a loose honeycomb pattern to get that bloated, mortified look on skin.

    Wounds are important, and if you can make it look like anyone’s missing a hand or arm, that’s awesome. Guts spilling out would be good too, although perhaps a bit too much for school? If not, then foam and red laquer make good guts you can glue on clothes.

    Gelatin and pectin are often used to make gross wounds, you can color it, and you can use makeup underneath it. The awesome thing about that is it smears the colors under it, so you can use blacks, greens, and yellows, then slap some red pectin on and have a sickening sore. Google to see some cool gelatin makeup techniques.

    If you know a great artist, buy them some body paints, and have them add scratches and bruises, if they’re really talented have them paint cheeks to look like the skin is gone and you can see teeth and tongue. Really cool and gross if they can do it perfectly.

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