Q&A: how do i get better in cod black ops zombies and multiplayer?

Question by hobo: how do i get better in cod black ops zombies and multiplayer?
hey i just recently got black ops and i beated the campaign and went into multiplayer and zombie mode. i usaly die ALOT in multiplayer and zombies are rly hard some times! any help?

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Answer by Chris
For multiplayer you just have to keep playing and you’ll get good without even knowing. For zombies you need to find a strategy that works for you. A good one is to go get juggernaut first. then a good gun, then do a loop.

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  1. Taylor says:

    I absolutely loved Black Ops and have been to level 23 solo on Zombies and got to 5th prestige level 52 in like 3 months so please hear me out.
    If you are having problems with multiplayer then I would recommend using the AK-74u as it is one of the best guns in the game, concussion grenades, frags, sleight of hand, hardline, and ninja. This gives you more chances to kill people since you get more killstreaks faster and you reload faster and are not heard as much. the AK-74 is also good with silencer and dual mags. You can also try to play different game modes. I know it took me a while to find out what I was good at. My other tips would be to stay away from the heart of the battle just until you feel comfortable with your skill level. I don’t recommend camping or boosting or hacking because this just takes away from the fun.
    For Zombies there are 2 different ways to play so I’ll separate them.
    In co-op it is best if you have more than 2 players but it isn’t necessary. You need to start off and stay in the first room until you all have 2000 – 3000 points. Then you need to stand at the top of the staircase as if you were going to buy the door BUT DON’T! Look across the hall and through the window on the other side. If there is a blue light in the window the box is in there. Buy that door ONLY if the box is in there but if you do DO NOT GO THAT WAY THROUGH THE ALLEY. The Alley is the worst spot to be in in the whole map. Once you have determined weather the box is in there or not proceed through the door at the top of the staircase. Keep going through these doors for about 1 or 2 rounds each room depending on your points and ammo. Once you get to the room with the MP40 and the Stakeout buy one of those guns (if you haven’t gotten a gun besides the pistol yet) and then stay in this room for about 3 rounds. Staying in this room for this long will help since you have a good gun and since there are more zombies due to the fact that you’ve been playing for about 7 – 10 rounds. Then buy all of the other doors and turn on the power. The first thing you need to do once the power is on is connect the teleporter. Use it only in times of distress or when you need to pack – a – punch. Do not buy the door next to the stage unless you absolutely need to because it is another spot where you will get trapped easily. Then I do what me and my friends call “Workin’ em”. Workin’ em’ is where you get all of the zombies (most if you can’t get all of them) and loop them around the map. You go in a circle throughout the whole map turning around to shoot once in a while or to turn on traps. This might be a little time consuming but it works. Then when the round is over make a crawler by throwing a grenade near a zombie. This gives you time to recover, get perks and ammo, and reconnect the teleporter. Do this until you die for the best scores and highest levels.
    In solo you pretty much use the same technique but the only difference is difficulty since your alone. Right off the bat you need to buy Quick Revive though because when you die you don’t die you go down and get grenade launcher pistols (which is what you get when you pack – a – punch the M1911.

  2. GameFreak says:

    in multiplayer camp. in zombies, never help your team mates. you’ll just get killed doing so.

  3. Kmart says:

    They have something called combat training. It’s fun you face bots and all

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