Q&A: Are there any first person shooter zombie games?

Question by Horus: Are there any first person shooter zombie games?
I have been searching for hours to find a first person shooter zombie game that isn’t just about standing in one place and shooting at zombies. More like Oblivion or Skyrim, but in a zombie setting. Can anyone help?

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Answer by Whatevers
Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia might count.

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4 Responses to Q&A: Are there any first person shooter zombie games?

  1. Angel Spit says:

    Left 4 Dead 1&2, Dead Island

  2. Rainbows says:

    Like almost every FPS game has the zombie mode. For something free though, Check out Combat Arms, DEAD ISLAND, L4D1/2

    Combat Arms:
    They have a neat infestation mode were 2 people in your group become zombies & they have to infect the other players. When you get infected by selection or cause u got hit by the zombie u turn into one yourself & must go for the others.

    The 2nd mode is your prettty much in a cabin with zombies everywhere & you have to kill them & stay alive. Problem is, its intense & if one of your team mates screws up & lets a horde of zombies in. Then the others have to pull away from what theyre doing to kill those zombies then zombies come in from the areas they just pulled away from to deal with the other players idiocy & well a lot of times the end result is NOT pretty.

  3. Point-man says:

    You want an awesome First person Shooter game with zombies then check out F.E.A.R 3. it has your normal zombies but then again it also has Kamikazi zombies with C4 strapped to their chests to. there is also Slo-Mo, Mech suits/Advanced Robotics, And in Co-Op mode, the Second Player play’s as a “Spectre” or Ghost of the Point-mans dead brother Who can Possess both soldiers and Zombies. Its AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  4. Coco says:

    DDTank (YooGames) http://gamelist.bbgsite.com/goto/ddtank-_28_yoogames_29_.shtml
    DDTank is a turn-based PvP shooter that combines a selection of hilarious weapons with a wealth of social features. DDTank has the same gameplay mechanics as the classic Worms, such as taking into account angles, elevation, wind velocity as well as other factors, but adds RPG and social elements. There is a wide variety of weapons to use, item buffs to acquire, and other equipment to earn.

    Tanki Online http://gamelist.bbgsite.com/goto/tanki-online.shtml
    Tanki Online — Massively Multiplayer Online Action Game based on Adobe Flash technology. Players fight each other online, earning money and advancing their careers. There are many armors, weapons and bonuses available. Players create deathmatch or team battles, and communicate with each other to achieve their goals.

    BeGone http://gamelist.bbgsite.com/goto/begone.shtml
    BeGone is a 3D, browser-based, first-person shooting game. It is a simplified shooter for fans who may feel like easing some stress during lunchbreak or letting off some head-shot steam before hitting the sack. The game runs on the Unity3D engine, which allow developers to easily and efficiently offer consumers high quality products at only a fraction of the cost that most big studios pour into single-A projects.

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