Q&A: Any good zombie movies to watch right now?

Question by Jakey: Any good zombie movies to watch right now?
First of all Good morning everyone, I’m in the mood to watch a zombie movie right now.

Name a good zombie movie I should see.

Best answer:

Answer by Andrew
Dawn Of The Dead

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3 Responses to Q&A: Any good zombie movies to watch right now?

  1. Lyndon Morris says:

    Resident Evil – Beginning of a series, not that great but the others are.
    Resident Evil Apocalypse – This is one of my favorites, it’s about zombies in one city.
    Resident Evil Extinction – This one focuses on action rather than a story line.
    Resident Evil Afterlife – This is a continuation of the above film.
    28 Days Later – My personal favorite. The story is amazing, British zombie movie.
    28 Weeks Later – Sequel to the above film. Another AMAZING movie.
    Dawn of the Dead – Don’t remember much, but it’s not bad.
    Shawn of the Dead – Comedy mixed in with a zombie movie. It’s definitely worth watching.

    There’s others. They should all be at http://www.zmovie.tv As well as others. The site is pretty amazing and doesn’t require you to sign up for anything or do dumb surveys.

  2. Cian- N826 says:

    Shaun of the dead and zombieland are two really good comedies.28 days later and 28 weeks later are really good too.They are both horrors but funny in parts

  3. Pirates be real vampires not says:

    Pirates of The Caribbean if you havn’t seen that.
    I know it’s not called zombie but TRUST ME there is zombie’s in it because Barbosa’s crew is cursed. They are called the moonlight serenade.

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