Q&A: Am I crazy for believing in a zombie apocalypse?

Question by Alex: Am I crazy for believing in a zombie apocalypse?
I honestly thing that zombies are real and an apocalypse could start with a viracal plague mutation involving toxic radiation or nuclear radiation. I am stocking up on blunts, learning survival techniques, making myself know what it really means to be hungry, and studying up on zombies through professional research. I need to know one thing about this. Am I going crazy or am I just going with my own idea?

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Answer by Selena
Um….none of that is gonna happen..so yeah. You’re pretty much crazy lol

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  1. jake says:

    As of right now you’ve given no evidence to support your claims, but that doesn’t mean you’re crazy it just means you’re not very smart. Now, if you could present to me and the ya community a logical, well thought out hypothesis as to why there could be a zombie plague of some sort I would look into it. In fact, I would be quite intrigued and would research all aspects of the evidence you give, mark this question as interesting so I can get back to you, and I will certainly be looking at your account page to see if you decide to present your wild, ideas to the world.

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