Is it true that zombies only trust other zombies?

Question by Desiree: Is it true that zombies only trust other zombies?
And not just any zombies, but only zombies that are infected with the same mind parasite with which they are infected, right?

Best answer:

Answer by Cory
Mostly. They trust gremlins in dire straights

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13 Responses to Is it true that zombies only trust other zombies?

  1. c00l says:

    How ironic this was posted in the make believe section.

  2. Testarossa says:

    Yes, they’re just like Christians.

  3. Mike Farley says:

    zombies eat people ya know

  4. jcsaves316 says:

    You should stop being Atheisms spokesperson……..lololol Why are you so dumb? Proverbs 19:29 God Bless

  5. Rock into Isanguard says:

    I’m infected with Jesus. Or was it by Jesus?

  6. Mjøntès says:

    Yes. Over 2 billion in the people are infected with this, of course.

  7. BenOni "Darkness" says:

    Zombies have no sense of trust or self -preservation.

  8. Legion says:

    Zombies have no knowledge of trust. Only the need to feed on living flesh, all else is non-existent to them, even other zombies.

  9. joe714 says:

    who need zombies
    are the luckiest zombies in the world

  10. Religion fails again says:


  11. I'm crazy says:

    zombies are not real there made up! to draw people away from the truth just like Vampiress

  12. mike s says:

    zombies are mindless. and i don’t think they communicate, though no one has really tried. they only eat brains.

  13. Black-Indian Girl says:

    My brother is a zombie. I’m a vampiress. We’re coming after you…

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