Is it possible for a zombie outbreak to happen?

Question by Aleesha Sparks: Is it possible for a zombie outbreak to happen?
Is it possible for mankind to create a disease that would begin a zombie outbreak?

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Answer by Purdey EP
Let’s hope not, but you never know what might be brewing in a forgotten lab someplace. However, I doubt there is the ability to create someone who is alive yet dead like zombies are.

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  1. FarCry says:


    The whole “coming back to life after death” thing would be difficult to pull off, though, but there are some poisons that can fake death or put the body into a sort of biological suspended animation for a short period of time before “reanimating” so to speak, so meh.

    Is it possible mankind would be Stupid enough to do so?

    I hope not.

  2. Doc Bill says:

    No. Thanks for the 2 points, though…

  3. LAS says:

    :) cloning happened already and was manageable but nobody knows if the product of cloning went “zombie” or “evil” !!! Biological weapons and chemical weapons are a fact and only those who made it know its effects!!!! I just hope it wont happen before i get me some good guns and a protected mansion with no windows and one hidden entrance with LOTS of food and water :)

  4. The Quarter says:

    Zombies are reanimated dead bodies, correct?

    The thing that confuses me about them, and make me think the whole idea that they could ever be real is ludicrous is decomposition. A zombie in hot summer heat would bloat up and liquefy. A zombie in cold weather would freeze and be trapped inanimate, as they have no body heat.

    On the whole, I think zombies are quite impossible and would make rather poor minions or invaders.

  5. Catzbeit says:

    No it is not possible.

  6. Me Again says:

    it’s already happened. there are zombies everywhere. the only way to tell the difference between them and real people is to shoot them in the foot. So make sure everyone you see, you shoot them in the foot. If they start bleeding and yelling then they’re not a zombie.

  7. RED EYED JEDI says:

    The most likely scenario would be like in the movie “28 Days Later” were a contagion spread that affected the sanity of those infected, a new super virus perhaps,

    just for example, imagine a combination of ebola (causes bleed out from every orifice on yer body) smallpox (which is highly infectious) and rabies (makes you psychotically violent) that would create something similar to the “zombie” apocalypse.

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