Is it possible at any posibility that zombies could actually happen?

Question by Yyty Y: Is it possible at any posibility that zombies could actually happen?
This has been going through my head for about 4 years but I want to know can zombies actually exist, could there be a disease what makes you go crazy (rage) or could scientists invent something to bring you back from the dead?? Could zombies happen in any way possible?

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Answer by Dave
it could happen..

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5 Responses to Is it possible at any posibility that zombies could actually happen?

  1. Dan says:

    Ofcourse it is. havent u prepared. Ohhh my God im going to have to do this for you aren’t i. Here is my survival plan.

    1. Get a weapon. Not a gun because you run out of bullets then your screwed. U need a big sword or knife.

    2. Rob a supermarket for unperishable goods (Dry pasta, tinned food etc) and steal a fishing rod and steal a brita water filter.

    3. Steal a boat (A nice one) and drive out into sea.

    4. live on the boat and relax untill the zombie thing blows over. Eat the unperishable food, fish for more food and filter the sea water so you have nice fresh water. Also you want a nice boat because its your new home :)

    Also I am assuming zombies cant use a boat or swim. But this is the perfect plan.

  2. Choches says:

    I was once watching this show on the discovery channel, where people were asking the same questions. And they said that with all the diseases and virus that are going around, and how they could evolve into something worse! that scientist will start making more medicines and drugs and that the expermints, or whatever you wanna call em, of the medication and vaccins can go wrong and alter the test subjects DNA! got me thinking and freaked me out haha so it could happen, not like in the movies, but ya never know.

  3. MommaYoga says:

    Probably not all the same zombie symptoms in one disease but I think that the different aspects of zombie-hood are, or could be possible.

    Reanimate the dead: This is where using electricity in a Frankestein-ian manner is possible. Jolts of electricity can make different tissues perform their normal functions momentarily. Sending electricity through the heart can “jump-start” it if it stops.

    Uncontrollable rage/aggression: Rabies, brain injury, these things cause uncontrolable agressive behavior.

    As far as reanimating decaying bodies which will then go on a flesh eating rampage, I don’t think so.

  4. FearFearItself says:

    as awesome as it would be, its not possible. if someone was to “bring you back from the dead” it wouldnt work, because once you die, your braincells immediately begin to die very quickly. so even if they could fix whatever the reason was that made you die, your brain wouldnt be able to function to tell your lungs to breath or your heart to beat. thats why when people die on the operating table, they only have a few minutes before you cant come back. no zombies are not possible

  5. Ajani says:

    Maybe in 2012.

    Just kiddin but its probably possible.

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