How would a flesh-eating virus affect zombies?

Question by Frank: How would a flesh-eating virus affect zombies?
Assume the US military uses a cropduster to drop a flesh-eating virus on zombies during the next invasion. What would be the outcome? Problem solved, or just even-uglier zombies?

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Answer by AMY
it wouldnt

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8 Responses to How would a flesh-eating virus affect zombies?

  1. Weapon says:

    Wouldn’t affect them, go read the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks.

    Microorganisms tend to steer clear of undead flesh.

  2. Terry D says:

    Improve their looks.

  3. cdh77511 says:

    The virus would destroy the zombies muscular tissue and eventually disable their ability to remain mobile ( moving ).

  4. redpower says:

    The zombies would definitely not be affected they would probably get even worst before better.

  5. Kooky says:

    Zombies do not exist.

  6. fanofesa says:

    I have a feeling it’d kill the Zombies, but somehow it’d also make humans into Zombies because there would be some flesh eating virus/zombie virus that would mutate into one.

    Wow that’s corny.

    But I stand by it.

  7. Wildcat says:

    Zombies would suddenly grow reproductive organs (penis, vagina) and they’d multiply like flies.

  8. Justin says:

    They would probly evolve into strange little carcasses that slither around with their ribs turned upside down inside out…

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