How to turn formal wear into zombie wear (Halloween costume)?

Question by Birinder W: How to turn formal wear into zombie wear (Halloween costume)?
Hey guys, i recently bought a grey blazer, grey pants, white dress shirt, red tie and a grey vest for halloween. I would like to achieve a zombie look so i can pull off my Dr. Tongue mask which is currently being shipped. What should i do to my formal wear in order to get that dirty zombie look.

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Answer by Alexa C
tear parts of your costume and throw clothes in dirt and dab fake blood on it

you can also use this video! 😀

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6 Responses to How to turn formal wear into zombie wear (Halloween costume)?

  1. dream says:

    slice it up,kick it around in the dirt,squish it up so it gets wrinkled

  2. suemac25 says:

    Make tears in the outfit, almost v like patterns. I have seen a real cool zombie groom outfit and the white shirt is greyed with red marker stains on it and or fake blood stains.

  3. regularguy718 says:

    crumple it up, rub it in the dirt. is there a breast pocket on the blazer? if so, rip it so it’s hanging down.

    dr. tongue – good choice, that’s one creepy ass mask! :)

  4. marvineaus says:

    Turn the pants into sloppy, uneven, cut-offs and don’t tuck the dress shirt in. Shred the ends of everything else but be sure to keep a pattern-decide how you died and work with that-Last year I was a model that got run over, so I had one streak of a tire track and blood surrounding that track. rub everything in dirt but just remember that the best way to make blood and tearing look real is to keep it simple and refrain from going overboard. Good luck! :)

  5. Sabrina says:

    This is kind of gross but if your willing to go all out I was a zombie before an it looked good. I was a stewardess zombie and I had on white so I soaked some of my stuff in tea( to stain it ) and then I dipped some of the edges in mud/ sand. It dried and looked so gross.

  6. cheshirecreature says:

    Ok.. If you’re actually invested.. bury it. Serious business, bury it for about 8 hours.

    If you aren’t, Hang the outfit up separately and throw dirt on it, then fake blood at random first, then get a bat or something and hit it a lot. Then go into detail with it. Cut open the shoulder.. the knee.. elbows.. places where they’d fall down and then pick a place you were bitten. Its usually in the neck or arm..

    If it’s in the neck, tear off a bit of the cloth from the top.. if it’s the arm, tear a full hole in the sleeve.

    Now to achieve the zombie appearance.

    If you wanna do it cheap? I suggest glue a few layers of toilet paper over any wounds you want to have, 4-6 layers, then randomly tear them open and put blood in and perhaps some green-brown paint to set in rot.

    Do that a bit at the knees because being a zombie, you aren’t going to have perfect balance..


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