How to dress up as a zombie killer?

Question by stockton: How to dress up as a zombie killer?
I want to dress up as a zombie killer for Halloween. At first I didn’t want to dress up but since everybody is dressing up as a vampire or zombie this year and I hate them both, so i want to be a zombie killer.

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Answer by Michaelmma99
dress as ash from evil dead

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3 Responses to How to dress up as a zombie killer?

  1. Tiger of wisdom says:

    dress up like luis from left 4 dead 😀

  2. Rob J says:

    Make a combo weapon, like in Dead Rising 2 (duct tape chainsaws to a paddle or something, look up Dead Rising 2 combo weapons for more ideas) and wear lots o’ fake blood (make it look like it splashed on you, not from you).

  3. Antoine G says:

    You need several weapons, including a shotgun with ammo, a pistol, an axe, a bat, and a crowbar or pry bar. You will also need a pack full of supplies, like you would have in a real zombie apocalypse, and be spattered with the blood of your kills. A severed zombie head to carry around would be a nice touch.

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