How long would a zombie invasion take to start and die out?

Question by The Jolly Green Giant Brushes His Teeth: How long would a zombie invasion take to start and die out?
I’m doing an assignment for english about a fictional career and I picked to write mine about a zombie slayer, in the end humans gain the secret to invincibility and the zombies retreat, what length of time should this cover? I realized that 1 day is far too short…
+Also a good title, cause I can’t think of one…
These zombies are quite fast in my story, adding more conflict to the main storyline.

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Answer by Sue Sylvester
A year or three? Think abutit. It wouldtake a while to find out that they were zombies, there would be months tryign to kill them, a year and a half find a way to kill them fast and to find a cure to help people who havebeen infected. Then another year of clean up and zombie hunting.

Lol, btw i hope you get an A. Zombie slayer wow..hahah^^ luv it

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  1. Whaturmuva says:

    It takes a good while for zombies to populate, normally up to and over a day for infection to fully take effect on a person. My math says that if a zombie is able to infect 4 people per day and then the new infected infect 4 people, it would take just 15 days to consume the United States. But then you must account for travel time, as they walk slowly. I would say a good estimate for the infection to spread across the country would be 3 or so months. But not everyone would be infected. Many would go into hiding and a lot of people would survive because some people plan for this sort of thing 😀

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