How do you sleep in a zombie-infested world?

Question by j3_s12: How do you sleep in a zombie-infested world?
You’re in a Zombie world surrounded by zombies that are trying to eat your brains/guts/whatever it is they want to eat that you have… anyways… they’re everywhere and you’re shooting their guts out and crap all the time… how the heck are you supposed to sleep if they’re always after you? It makes no sense in zombie movies unless they’re with other people… explain this to me please- bad answers will be reported

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Answer by ronyear4
you don’t obviously you might get an hour or so sleep every couple of days but other than that no . . .

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11 Responses to How do you sleep in a zombie-infested world?

  1. General1370 says:

    Learn to sleep with one eye open, set up traps around the room your sleeping in, set up alarms, find a room with a lock…

  2. sp_him_d_chick says:

    Learn to wake up at every little noise I guess.
    IDK man, they never slept in Shaun of the Dead.

  3. Fang says:

    You probably wouldn’t sleep as much and you would have to have traps set up to wake you if there is a intruder when you are sleeping.

  4. Zoner says:

    One word..

    If you’re alone, make sure
    you first find a safehouse, that is
    barricaded, and secured…
    Becoz you can’t set up barricades easily,
    because most of the time, there’ll be zombies chasing you.

    Make sure you find a spot, that has less zombies,
    and make sure they can’t see nor smell you,
    being cautious is one of the keys to survival.
    Hide in spots until you can get to a safe spot,
    encountering them, means, dead end for you,
    set traps, kill only what you need to kill,
    like when they grapple you, save ammo, and
    use time..

    Sleep in the day, not at night, you’ll have disadvantage
    at night, when you sleep.
    I know a lot will say, that you’ll have better visibility in
    the day, but also does the zombies.
    You’ll have better survivability at night,
    since at day, you can see, when you get waken up from sleep.

    Sleep only once a few hours, don’t sleep the next day sleep at
    the other day.

    When you have a few friends, why not take shifts, on who’ll
    sleep and who’ll guard.
    The more, the better..


  5. Blue says:

    I guess the easiest answer is Zombie population! Big city=lots of people=lots of brain chomping zombies! So get the heck out of big cities, find a nice secluded country spot, pick up some trusted people to help and begin digging in. Sleep in rotating shift with people on guard.

  6. Travis says:

    you will have to blend in with the zombies…learn their ways, mate with their women…and soon all of your diffirences will be forgotten

  7. many owls says:

    if you go camping.
    300 miles into the bush.

  8. darkcatfan33 says:

    In shifts. Some one is always awake and ready to fire.

  9. doitnew says:

    If you’re with a group, sleep in shifts.

    If alone, you may be screwed no matter what- But your fighting chance is when you sleep for maybe 2-3 hours in a sitting, in a house out in the countryside where fewer zombies would be, up on the top floor with the stairs knocked out with earplugs in (or mp3 player)- Otherwise the groaning is gonna drive you to insanity, and nobody wants that.

  10. The Enigma says:

    You don’t…

    Or if you do, you do it carefully. Little incriments at a time, perhaps shifts so that someone is always on watch.
    Ears open, silent environment, keep yourself hidden, stay away from anything that makes noises and cover your path (including your scent. Don’t risk it.) And never be alone. There must always be at least one person awake, if not three or four.
    Keep a steady schedule. Maybe one hour of sleep at a time, and keep conditioning yourself to wake up at the exact same time. Oversleeping or sleeping off of schedule could be quite dangerous, because it would knock your entire cirriculum off balance.

    Sleep with caution…

  11. tja says:

    Well, in most zombie movies, if you have watched any, you should notice that there are shelters. These shelters, however big, are small enough for one to sleep in, and zombie free.
    In some cases, the shelters are the permanent resting place for survivors (like in Dawn of the Dead, with the mall). But in other cases, the shelters are temporary, and basically the survivors just have to look for one every night or so, make sure there are no zombies, and then sleep (like in Zombieland with the mansion and cars).

    So, basically, there are bound to be shelters without zombies b/c the zombies are often times outside looking for humans to munch on. So, people can usually find some place to stay in, permanently or temporarily, and sleep.

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