How do you make a zombie costume?

Question by alfeebester: How do you make a zombie costume?
I have black and white face paint and a good recipe for blood. Now, what else do I need to make a good zombie costume? Also, something to keep me warm as it will be cold out!

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Answer by ambient
Get an old polyester suit at a thrift store and shred the ends. I bought my son a lite gray one so it’d show the dirt we rubbed all over it.

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  1. ProfIgor says:

    Lots of politicians to use as models right now.

  2. !RoRoSoSweet! says:

    YAY!! this will be fun to answer!!! haha

    try and get clothes that aren’t very bright colors (try to get things like black, grey or white) and make sure they’re really worn out, ripped, and stained. don’t worry about it being cold! just wear lot’s of layers!

    Put random spots of “blood” on your clothes as if they were stains from injuries.

    Try and get bandages (like the kind you wrap) and wrap them around a little bit (like a bit of an arm or something)

    For your face, cover it with the white, and smudge a little black on. Make sure you put lot’s of black around the eyes. And take somemore of that banday, and wrap it around your forhead, or get a big bandage and stick it on the corner of you’re forhead.

    Good luck with your costume!!!! Have fun!

  3. Shawn says:

    You can buy stick-on wounds at a costume store. Maybe smear some blood around your mouth. Possibly get a severed limb and carry it around with you.

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