How do you get the hitler zombie in nasi zombies.?

Question by James: How do you get the hitler zombie in nasi zombies.?
I heard on answer bag that if you do a series of event each level instead of hell hounds coming a Hitler zombie will come. How do you do that?

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Answer by Aadil
Im preetty sure u cant.

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7 Responses to How do you get the hitler zombie in nasi zombies.?

  1. HAL0 KI77A says:

    im just gonna tell you its fake i heard that got to round 3000 (with mods of course) on each map no hitler

  2. Spotty Spootum says:

    ray gun

  3. necrodraco11 says:

    As far as i know this is not true. on the Black ops level “five” a scientist like creature will appear and try to steal your guns, but that is the only hellhound variation.

  4. Gµnth3r says:

    never heard about it

  5. Nate says:

    First its NAZI not nasi and second no hitler fragged his butt so know it dont work

  6. Daniel says:

    on the map “FIVE” after you switch the power on. the pentagon thief (that’s what he is called) will come and chase down all your team and steal your primary weapon. he has huge HP and takes a lot of ammo and time to kill him. he comes back every 4 rounds (i think) after the power is turned on.

    i think that is what you meant by hitler zombie. because there is no hitler zombie
    hope this helped

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