How do you get all the maps in black ops zombies?

Question by gilbertc: How do you get all the maps in black ops zombies?
I do you get all the zombie maps excluding Kino, five, DOA, I want the ones for WaW on black ops

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Answer by Adolfo
u need to get xbox live points, u can buy them at game stores

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  1. camo says:

    Press LT & RT rapidly when your in the torture chair and you will break free from it (unlocking XBOX achievement ‘ask me nicely’) and walk around the room until you find the computer. At the computer type in 3ARC or 3 ARC its one of the 2 im not sure. It will unlock all zombie maps plus all missions in the campaign that are not already unlocked (:

  2. Im Outta Chips says:

    On the “Five” map, you have to pass the solo campaign in order to unlock it. As for the “DOA”, when you get to the menu, get out of the chair by pressing LT and RT (for xbox 360 controls) repeatedly. Then go to the computer in the back of the room and type in DOA and you should get it. Good Luck.

  3. OneWhoHerdsNerfs says:

    It’s impossible to get the WAW maps unless you buy the Hardened Edition, there is no code and the breaking free from the chair at the main menu easter egg doesn’t give you the maps.

  4. Rishab says:

    You had to Pre-order Hardened or Prestige edition of Black Ops for the World at War Maps. To get the other Black Ops maps you have to keep pressing Left Bumper and Right Bumper rapidly or quickly. Then, move toward the computer and press X and type in 3ARC or 3arc

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