How do I reply when people say that Jesus is a zombie?

Question by Rebekkah: How do I reply when people say that Jesus is a zombie?
I hate when people say “zombie Jesus” or “Jesus is a zombie” I understand where they come up with it but I believe it’s a terrible thing to say. What should I say to them or a comeback to that?

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Answer by Wanderlustful
Just respond in kindness. Explain that a zombie is a mindless reanimated body. The resurrected Jesus was a fully cognizant spirit without a reanimated body. And don’t let it bother you; you can teach these folks.

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9 Responses to How do I reply when people say that Jesus is a zombie?

  1. B says:

    You’ll have to think about something witty to say. That would mean you would need to use your brain. Braaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnssssss!!!!!!!

  2. No Chance without Gays says:

    Say “Jesus was not a zombie”

  3. A Canadian Atheist says:

    Just tell them the truth “jesus is imaginary”.

  4. Green Alien says:

    Just tell people the truth, that he never existed!

  5. The Snake Salmon says:

    you can’t say a thing…its Absolutely right, if you tried to say something against it, you’d just make your self look dumb.

  6. Healthy Fur... fur the win! says:

    Prove that he’s not.

  7. clusium1971 says:

    Have pity for them. They do not know the difference between The Resurrection and the Life, and being “living dead.” :-(

  8. Neil5624 says:

    Verily I say unto thee, the Jesus story as we know it today is a myth.

    Rev. Neil

  9. ??? snipe_ahh baby ??? says:

    So your calling yourself zombie breath, no wonder you stink.

    Remember in the bible it say’s we are made by the breath of god, so if they are saying god is a zombie, they are saying they are made of zombie breath…
    Meh, how dare they say that.

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