How do I overcome my fear of zombies?

Question by Gamefreak196: How do I overcome my fear of zombies?
I have been having thoughts about zombies taking over. I have tried not thinking about them but soon the thoughts keep coming back. When I go to sleep I dream about them. I can`t get them out of my head. I want to overcome my fear of zombies.
I know they aren`t real but I can`t get out of my head.

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6 Responses to How do I overcome my fear of zombies?

  1. Chante says:

    Thats right get rid of your 5th grade fears,cause its never gonna happen dont worry.

  2. FoxForceFiveVega says:

    You shouldn’t try and overcome it. Embrace it. When zombiepocalypse comes, you will be prepared, well, hopefully. Stockpile food, plenty of head severing weapons, chain mail, and land mines. I’m ready.

  3. lizzy says:

    ok zombism is basically cannibalism in disease from…so if there ever was a disease created to cause people to become cannibals or zombies, the news would be broadcasting it like crazy. Since these are regular people they can be killed or restrained just like everyone else, so if you can protect yourself from a burglar then you are safe from zombies…also try the book “zombie survival guide”, itll calm you down

  4. SaiyukiGS says:

    First and foremost, avoid all exposure to anything with zombie content in it. Like movies and games. Second, recognise and realise that this fear is irrational and verges on paranoia. Convince yourself that they’re not real using sound logic – there is no secret organisation inventing some virus to create dead soldiers to conquer the world etc. Next, if you can’t get them out of your head, learn to love them instead. Lastly, occupy your free time with other activities to lessen the probability of you falling back on thinking about them.

  5. Nick says:

    Just think that zombiesand making zombies are very very VERY unlikely. And if there were zombies outside your house, there would be screaming and such. Also, zombies cant open doors and break glass and such. It also helps to lock your door. And if you are really serious, install a higher secuirty system to your house. Zombies are not real, and it would very complicated to make one. And the only way to make one woul,d be in a government lab, and they would kill it right away.

  6. Ana says:

    zombies are not real.

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