How do I get over my fear of zombies?

Question by PandaPox: How do I get over my fear of zombies?
I know zombies are not real, the whole thing about them is pretty stupid. I read a zombie book a few months ago and since then I have not been able to sleep without dreams of being eaten alive. How do I get over my fear so I don’t have to feel to stupid and scared all the time?

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Answer by OhFerr
The Fear will fade off in a couple of weeks/months.

Don’t worry, its nothing =/


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  1. ??????????? iRippedMyShirtToday ?????????????? says:

    Well the only thing you can do to get over your fears is to face them. I had a great fear about ghost, but then I learned that if they do exist they’re nothing but lost spirits can’t do anything, unlike how they make it in movies. LOL

  2. Johnny M. says:

    Read the zombie survival guide by Max Brooks.

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