How did Thor become a zombie in marvel zombie?

Question by : How did Thor become a zombie in marvel zombie?
I was wondering how Thor became a zombie. And did kitty pride and quicksilver also become zombies? and what happened to man-thing in that series?

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Answer by Scobert
Thor, along with Colossus, Storm, and Nightcrawler find Nick Fury, who is escaping a zombified Fantastic Four and orders a quarantine lock-down, when two huge bulk-heads seal them in with the teleportation device that Fury is trying to protect. After realising there is no escape for them, and that the zombies could use the teleporter to infect other realities, Thor destroys the device as Thing crashes through the solid bulk-head, and the Fantastic Four infect them.

Shadowcat along with the other Xmen was attacked by an already zombified alpha flight but her turing wasn’t shown. While in the other zombie universe she is held underwater by a zombie quazar until needing to breath she becomes solid and is eaten by zombie namor.

Sorry don’t know about man thing

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