How did the zombies become zombies in the movie Zombieland?

Question by Andrea: How did the zombies become zombies in the movie Zombieland?
I saw the movie but i don’t remember how the zombies first started out.

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Answer by Happy mask
he said “It’s been a month since that one guy bit into a contaminated burger that had the virus”

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  1. Henry says:

    in the begining columbus was at the gas station and he mentions that it started by a cow, (hamburger) that somebody ate gave them a disease and it spreaded around the world. The movie’s effin hilarious though

  2. Lleh says:

    The virus (germ, bacteria, whatever) that causes Mad Cow disease mutated until it became Mad People disease. It caused people to turn into zombie-like creatures who ate other people and passed the disease along to people they bit. The details are actually a little fuzzy. I’m not sure if it only affected people like 406 who evidently got a minor bite or if people who got mostly devoured and were obviously really dead came back to life. I’m thinking here of the guy on the freeway getting his intestines eaten. It would seem like there wouldn’t be that many people getting minor bites to make that system of contagion work. And of course to be truly zombies by most definitions they would have to be undead and not just near-dead. Great flick, huh?

  3. Jay Z says:

    he basicly ate a mcdonalds burger and got the “MAD COWS’ virus

  4. ariley says:

    Well at one point it is heard that Mad Cow mutated to Mad People. That then caused mad zombies (though aren’t all zombies mad? lol)
    At another point they say that when a man ate an infected hamburger he started the disease.
    SO my thesis is that a burger with Mad Cow was eaten. This disease mutated in the man starting Mad People. This caused the zombies. Either that or it had something to do with UFOs (kidding about the last line lol).

    After the first guy was a zombie, we all know what happened. He got the fatties first (Rule 1: Cardio !!!!) Then it’s all history. Or it will be. Or it is in another dimension. So many possiblities…

  5. darinlaminack says:

    a guy was stupid enough to eat food with mad cow disease and that turned him

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