How can I protect my family against a zombie attack?

Question by Dork: How can I protect my family against a zombie attack?
Are there any measures I can take to protect my family against a zombie invasion? I have already lost my parents to zombies, so I want to ensure I don’t loose anyone else

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Answer by haha!!!
lol by sacrificing yourself j/k idk

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3 Responses to How can I protect my family against a zombie attack?

  1. Me says:

    Maybe going to a therapist would help

  2. Nikki says:

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  3. Omar says:

    You need to buy a shotgun and full body armor for your family.

    You also need to build stairs to all the doors in your home. It’s a known fact that several species of zombie aren’t coordinated enough to climb stairs and other species don’t do it very quickly. Even the dawn-of-the-dead strain of zombies tend to trip and thrash a lot on the stairs.

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