Do you think it is possible for a zombie virus outbreak to happen?

Question by : Do you think it is possible for a zombie virus outbreak to happen?
A zombie apocalypse is something that has always interested me. Sure it would hard and sad but it’s still something to think about. So do think it is possible for zombie outbreak to happen?

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Answer by YesWeCan!
no cause zombies don’t exsist

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12 Responses to Do you think it is possible for a zombie virus outbreak to happen?

  1. Sam Burns says:

    You will have to talk to Janet Neopolitano of Home Land Security to find out.

  2. Ike Samus says:

    no. sorry but a persons blood stops making no energy transfer and even with a virus, there would be no pump to spread it. having no energy, or living cells, there is NO WAY. sorry if you expected more.

  3. Lezi says:

    Well I don’t believe a traditional zombie outbreak could happen, you know with undead humans. But I do believe a biological outbreak could happen that would cause humans to become zombie-like.

  4. Calic says:

    There are several toxins that affect long-term memory and the central nervous system causing literary delusions and madness so it is possible to have brain dead people running around rabid with but since this is caused by toxins it wouldn’t be spreading like a virus.. now would it :) and surely not by a bite …

  5. Ghastly Rainbow says:

    Yes says the one who has refreshed this page more than four times already.

  6. Daniella says:

    Yes it is very possible

  7. Lucy says:

    Jon, you are already prepared for the Z.A. It is inevitable.

  8. deathnotefann says:

    yes it is very possable
    scientists are going to F up big time trying to stop hair loss and make their boners last longer but some thing will happen and dus a bioctasterfy harry zombies with boners

    or if ppl keep watching jersy shore they will get so stupid and lose there brains then they will turn in to zombies so they can find more brains and repet to prosses over n over

  9. Intuitive Witch says:

    No because when the body dies it is dead and over, and nothing more.

  10. EDic555 says:

    well im going to be open minded about this,right know scientist are trying to find ways to revive cells,the reason we die is because chemical reactions stop happening(oxygen),no reaction with oxygen means no energy,DEATH.The problem is that scientists dont know what chemical can reactivate the cell succesfully so that its job,genitics in the neclues can proceed,there for bringing the dead back to life(partially),it could create zombies if there no fully brought back and only react on basic instinct,eating,BUT i think ists going to be centurys before we find a substance capibule of succesfully reviving cells

  11. Coyt63 says:

    YES …. and …no!

    Yes … it is possible for a pandemic outbreak to occur that will degrade our society, and have people fighting for survival. I do not see the walking dead being the problem … HOWEVER … terminally ill or infected people turning the whole world into a repeat of New Orleans in the flood is a distant possibility.

    That is why I have several shotguns.

  12. Scott says:

    No. That’s science fiction, using bad science.

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