Can someone give me a clear description of the zombie?

by Halans

Question by Lamar: Can someone give me a clear description of the zombie?
I know the basics of a zombie as most people do

Zombies are the “undead” meaning they are bought back to life, however, they have no free will and such, also, they eat human flesh (Though a stereotype says they like brains). Can someone give me details that most people would miss about zombies?

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Answer by Dj
Alright, friend, I’d like to point out that I know that this is a completely insane topic and It is not healthy to dwell on such fanciful and clearly ludicrous ideas. I’d also like to say that I, too, think about these things and am aware of its ridiculousness. Having said that, I will tell you the basics of what I know from myths, books, movies, etc.

ZOM-BIE: (Zom’be) n. also ZOM-BIES pl. 1. An animated corpse that feeds on living human flesh. 2. A voodoo spell that raises the dead. 3. One who moves or acts in a daze “like a zombie.” [a word of West African origin]

We are unsure of how zombies would actually come into being, whether from some bio-engineered virus (such is the case in Resident Evil), black magic, or a purging act of God or Satan. Generally, the zombie infection (apart from the originally created zombie(s)) is spread by direct fluidic transference. This means that the infection would be passed on by a bite, brushing of open wounds against those of a zombie, or being splattered by the remains of a zombie.
Zombies have many advantages over their living counterparts. Though traditionally, zombies are very slow moving; they are, however, tireless. We have physical limits and zombies do not. That is not to say that they can fly or crawl up a building like a spider, but they can follow you or pound on your barricaded door until their arms or legs literally fall off. Since zombies are dead, they have no physical sensations. This is what makes zombies (in my opinion) so horrifying. Because they lack the ability to recognize pain, they will not notice any wounds that may be inflicted, nor will those wounds deter an attack. A zombie will continue to pursue its prey until it is destroyed. Another advantage of the undead is that zombies do not require oxygen to exist and therefore can spend an indefinite amount of time underwater.
Our greatest advantage over the walking dead is our ability to think. Zombies are incapable of employing any form of reason or logic. They cannot use tools, notice changes or hazards in their immediate environment, or learn. Zombies also have no language skills and no social dynamics. This means that zombies are unable to communicate with one another. Our only real physical advantage over these ghouls is our speed and agility.

This is all the information I can give you at this time. If you are still curious about zombies, most of this material is covered in The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. Though, some Hollywood movies, books on mythology and the internet would also prove useful.

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