Can someone explain the appeal of zombie movies?

Question by Justin H: Can someone explain the appeal of zombie movies?
Zombies just don’t seem like a threatening menace worthy of all the movies they have spawned. What’s more, I just can’t understand why they keep making them. Can someone please explain the appeal.

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Answer by Brad-lee F
imagine the horror that the undead can put into ones life the dead reanimating and eating the living they feel no pain they have no soul they only know one thing and that’s eat eat the people with a heartbeat the thought that your not safe from anything even with a heartbeat because at any moment it can become another in the ranks of the undead they have no remorse no feelings for ones that they might have loved or cherished no recognition at all imagine being eaten alive imagine hearing screams from someone being eaten only to hear the dreadful moans of afterlife moments later a death call letting you know their out there and they want to feast on you the perfect weapon they wont get stunned they’re relentless they wont stop until every part of their body is destroyed being in that position witnessing the worlds end to those that don’t breathe can walk underwater and don’t feel pain how can you fight that!!!!!! that’s what i see whenever i watch a horror movie

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  1. gothicmamma says:

    Humans have always played with idea of living forever or at least extending life beyond what we should be capable of. The idea of mad, obsessed scientists locked up in a lab concocting the elixir of life or reanimating corpses is an appealing one and not that far removed from reality (google russian dog head transplants). The idea of living beyond death while your flesh rots off the bone as you become a soulless, cannibalistic corpse represents the very worst that could happen should we discover how to cheat death and (in the early days of zombie movies) God.
    As western society shifts away from the notion of God zombie movies are played more for laughs – see Shaun of the Dead and Dead Snow for example.
    Besides they are relatively cheap to make and it’s always good fun (and a good idea) to make out your zombie survival sheet should the inevitable happen 😉

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