Can a zombie deck in general still compete?

Question by : Can a zombie deck in general still compete?
In yugioh, can a zombie deck successfully compete at high level tournaments? I know that pain painter has came out not too far back, but im not sure that zombies are still a top tier format like Inzektors and six samurai.
Should i consider moving to a different type of deck? Or does zombies still have a good future?

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Answer by jayme
i think it would be best to not goin with zombies but there not worthless yugioh decks on realy get btter thay try to keep them = to ech other except inzectores watch out for thoes ther pains but ban list should get them if a lot of people start over useing them the ban list point is to ceep the game = power so old decks dont become obseleght you may think that the first year of yugioh and second series were no longer use full but me and friends use the older cards againsed new ones and we win hes got pegasis’s and i got kibas but both got changes to the and e heros are good to see what i mean if new series come out or new decks just adjust your deck to comprehend to thoes decks as well so that new cards arnt messing you up so good luck

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  1. Chris James says:

    with mezuki down to one it can be hard to make a competitive zombie deck but it still is possible but you would have to modify the traditional zombie deck to fit into todays format. if you know how to do that the you should be able to create a competitive zombie deck that works.

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