10 Modes! Clear Red D-pad, Thumb Sticks, Red Led! Black Xbox 360 Modded Rapid Fire Wireless Controller

  • Stealth 10 Mode, Red LED, Clear Red D-pad and Thumb sticks. Latest version black controller.
  • Auto aim zombies, Dual Rapid Fire, auto aim down sight mode, User reprogrammable mode!
  • Fastest controller for Black OPS, COD5 WAW, COD6 MW2.
  • No extra buttons. Use sync button to select modes. Quick on/off.
  • Works for all semi-auto weapons!

Main Features:

Quick on/off: You can press the LT and the sync button at the same time to switch the mod on or off anytime in the middle of the game, no need to cycle through all the modes to turn off the controller.

Mode Memory: The controller remember which mode that you were on after turning off the controller or switch off the mode, so next time when you turn the mod on, it is at the same mode that you used.

10 Modes: 10 different modes designed to fit all type of gamers.

Dual wield Mode: Great for Black Ops dual wield pistols and shotguns!

Mimic Dual wield mode: Pressing the right trigger only will fire both weapons on the left and right hand.

Zombie Auto Aim: Holding the left trigger will auto aim for Black Ops zombies!

Mode List:

Mode 1: Halo 3 and Halo Reach
Mode 2: Call of Duty: Black Ops dual wield and MW2 Akimbo. Independent left and right triggers.
Mode 3: Call of Duty: Black Ops dual wield and MW2 Akimbo Mimic. Uses right trigger to fire both weapons.
Mode 4: Right trigger rapid fire for Black Ops

Mode 5: Auto aim down the sight when you press the right trigger to shoot. This is not rapid fire for semi-auto weapons. This mode is great for runners with full auto weapons. You can still use left trigger to aim.
Mode 6: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Mode 7: Call of Duty: War at World
Mode 8: Auto aim rapid fire zombies
Mode 9: burst mode for Black Ops (3 to 5 bursts. The number of bursts are different for each semi-auto weapons)
Mode 10: User re-programmable mode preset at 10 shots per second (User can reprogram it for future games)

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