LeRage Shirts Terminus T-Shirt Zombie Apocalypse tee Women’s

LeRage Shirts Terminus T-Shirt Zombie Apocalypse tee Women's

  • Short Sleve
  • NOTE: OUR WOMAN'S T-SHIRT IS FITTED (RUNS A LITTLE SMALL on bigger sizes). If you would like a roomier fit, we also offer this shirt in regular fit (Search for this same design for Men)
  • Printed in the USA using Professional Screen Printing (Long lasting - Colors will not fade after washing many times)
  • Super High Quality and Soft 100% Cotton T-Shirt
  • Fashion Stylish tee that fits great
Go to Terminus they said... it will be better they said. - Our LeRage Shirts are very high quality fashion shirts that will help your body look fit and your arms more tone. We do not use cheap square shirts like most of our competitors. - The shirts are printed using professional screen printing techniques that although is a more costly process and time consuming, it is the only way to ensure that the ink will look great and never fade. - To ensure that our tees have the highest quality, we had check every t-shirt before printing for any defects, and then we re-check the tees after printing. We make sure that the designs are printed according to our standards and ultimately that they all look really good. Quality is what differentiate us fr


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