I’m a Rick Fangirl Ladies Fitted T-Shirt Andrew Lincoln Walking Dead Shirt New! Reviews

Trendy Tees I'm a Rick Fangirl Ladies Fitted T Shirt by The Walking Dead Tee

  • Very Cool Walking Dead T-Shirt!
  • Beware of Low Quality Knock-offs. If Seller isn't Trendy Tees then it is imported junk.
  • 100% Cotton, Printed in The USA by Seller Trendy Tees
  • Makes a Great Gift! Fast Shipping, 2-3 days by seller Trendy Tees
  • Just one of the unique Fashion T-Shirts from a huge range of Cool Fashion products from Trendy Tees!
•A Great Conversation Starter! Everyone Loves A Novelty Tee!
•We use T-Shirts that are 100% preshrunk cotton.
•Proudly printed on Gildan or Altstyle Brand shirts by Seller Trendy Tees in the USA!
***Trendy Tees has been copied by other cheap very low quality knock-off sellers, If it isn't Trendy Tees then it is junk
*** Products purchased from sellers other thanTrendy Tees are COUNTERFEITS and not guaranteed quality products. If you put negative feedback include the seller's name so it is not confused withTrendyTees.


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