Dead Men Walking (Nate & Clare Book 2) Reviews

Dead Men Walking (Nate & Clare Book 2)

A Murdered Man With No IdentityThere was no doubt the man was dead. A bullet through the head will do that. But, who was dead? The man had no identification, no known address, no Social Security information could be found, and the fingerprint search came up empty. Detective Nate Burns, Albuquerque Police Department knew two things. The man was dead and he was blood type was O+, The most common blood type in the country.˃˃˃ A Troubled Detective Haunted By His PastBurns continues to be haunted by his past, and that past is catching up up with him. His Captain wants him fired. A friend is calling in a favor. A convict wants to make a deal. His wife is thinking of divorce. It’s a good thing he’s serving a suspension. He’ll find time to


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